Cultural explorer

As a Cultural Explorer, you want to immerse yourself in the culture, people and settings of the places you visit. You enjoy the history, but also look for experiences of the modern day culture. Prior to your trip, you like researching your destination to better understand it. Once you’re there, you prefer to let things unfold spontaneously. Not content to just see the tourist sites, you enjoy leaving the beaten path to explore out-of-the-way places and converse with the locals. Back at home, you’re already excited about your next trip and the adventures that await. You are:

  • positive
  • open-minded
  • energetic
  • creative
  • risk-taker
  • globally & environmentally conscious
  • easy-going

Most likely to be seen found

  • heritage sites & museums
  • cultural events and festivals
  • standard hotels or staying with friends
  • off-the-beaten path

Travel values


  • constant travel – always travelling or planning for the next trip
  • nature/history/culture – immersion in local sights and sounds
  • shared experiences – enjoy sharing travel experiences with family/friends


  • group travel – not interested in being constrained to schedules
  • luxury/comfort – detracts from an authentic experience
  • check-list – no need to see every “recommended” site
  • sampling – interested in going deeper and getting a full experience

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See all traveller types