Gentle explorer

In the world of explorers, you are a Gentle Explorer.  You like returning to past destinations and enjoy the security of familiar surroundings.   You seek the most comfortable places when you get away and avoid the unknown.   Well-organized travel packages and guided tours that take care of all the details appeal to you - travel should be fun, not extra work!   And if it’s fun, chances are you’ll be back. You are:

  • conservative
  • reliable
  • traditional
  • solitary
  • selective
  • discriminating
  • fun-loving

Most likely to be seen at

  • branded hotels
  • hotel pool
  • spa
  • cottage
  • organized tour
  • main attractions
  • golfing/fishing

Travel values

  • comfort – seek familiar surroundings
  • package travel – like organized tours that leave decision making to others
  • selective – desire luxury, exclusivity and pampering
  • structure – prefer pre-planned trips that leave little room for error

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See all traveller types