Personal history explorer

In the world of explorers, you are a Personal History Explorer.  You travel to gain a deeper understanding of your ancestry and heritage.   Your travel tends to be a shared experience, both during and after the trip.  You feel safer when you stay at branded hotels and like to travel in style, comfort and security.  You like to visit all of the important landmarks, so a carefully planned schedule, often as a part of a group tour, ensures experiences of a lifetime. You are:

  • conforming
  • traditional
  • ambitious
  • aspiring
  • anxious
  • social
  • family-oriented

Most likely to be seen at

  • luxury hotels
  • top restaurants
  • main attractions
  • shopping
  • organized groups
  • museums

Travel values

  • shared experiences – enjoy sharing experiences with close friends/family
  • indulgence – prefer the best you can afford
  • sample travel – like to see and experience a bit of everything
  • roots connection – seek a deeper understanding of personal heritage

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See all traveller types