In the world of explorers, you are a Rejuvenator.  For you, travel is a chance to totally disconnect and just “get away from it all.”   All you want to do is rest, recharge and renew.   You usually take short vacations to familiar places, often for family visits and celebrations.  While you might seek out destinations with a few interesting things to see and do, you don’t want an overly-hectic schedule of events.  After all, travel is meant to be relaxing, not extra work! You are:

  • family-oriented
  • traditional
  • ambitious
  • impulsive
  • relaxed
  • discriminating
  • social

Most likely to be seen at

  • family resorts
  • spas
  • hotel restaurants
  • casinos
  • tourist hot spots
  • organized tours

Travel values

  • comfort – prefer familiar surroundings
  • shared experiences – like sharing experiences with close friends/family
  • escape – seek a getaway from everyday stresses and responsibilities
  • pampering –enjoy being cared for

See all traveler types

See all traveller types