Virtual traveller

In the world of explorers, you are a Virtual Traveler.   Tending not to travel very often, you prefer the comforts of home to the uncertainties of new places and cultural differences.   Often very active locally, you usually find enough to satisfy your sense of exploration within your community.   Rather than being restricted to the confines of pre-packaged tours, you prefer the flexibility of being able to decide what you want or don’t want to do on your own.  Your trips tend to be shorter, closer to home and centered on family events. You are:

  • community-minded
  • traditional
  • cautious
  • practical
  • modest

Most likely to be seen at

  • motels
  • family events
  • cottage
  • casinos

Travel values

  • comfort – seek familiar surroundings
  • free & easy – like following your own schedule
  • simplicity – enjoy simple, understated pleasures
  • solitary travel – prefer to visit places alone or in small groups

See all traveler types

See all traveller types